also known as influence, thought reform,
and coercive persuasion.
In other words; mind control.

comes from the Latin verb gubernare: "to control,"
and the Latin noun mens: "mind".
In other words; mind control.

Brainwashing, Government (AND Rockefeller!) :

❌ the biggest threats we have in our society.
❌ the biggest threats we have in our future.
❌ the biggest threats our children face too.

We also have to remember...
the governments' media outlets like news, TV, radio and magazines,
are tools used against us,
to brainwash; to mind control.

Their silly idea worked so so long, but the tide is changing on planet Earth...

Once you awaken to the realities of this world,
the truth becomes so clear,
the situation becomes visible,
the feelings of anger eventually subsides,
and when this happens,
you'll feel uplifted it in your spirit,
you'll feel happiness in your soul,
you'll no longer have to rely on the powers at be,
you'll no longer (unknowingly) buy into their evil games...
you finally learn how to disengage from all this mess.

And, in this process,
you take your power back,
you make your voice heard,
you create change for your children,
you create change for your grandchildren,
your neighbours,
and your friends and family you have yet to meet,
along the way...
towards the path of total freedom,
total alignment and enlightenment,
the power of disengagement ❤️

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