Becoming a member means:

We invite you to join our voluntary family,  so we can create a community of like minded citizens who believe in restoring the balance on planet Earth.


Each donation will represent a voice, someone who wants to show their support in peacefully disengage from the state (wherever in the world you are located).


In return, we will gather to discuss the tips, tools and practical advice on how to the new world order. Our goal is to create a place of community that provides hope and a sense of freedom worldwide and within.

Monthly Donation

Supporting the church means:

Thank you for your kindness and generous contribution to The Church of Anarchy.  We are committed to doing what it takes to get to our goals of freedom worldwide.

We are seeking support from people who want to help further create our peaceful future and participate in creating the new - healthier, happier and profitable paradigm.


The more you can support us financially, the more time and resources we can dedicate to our mission. 


Services include items below or here

  • online education: how to homeschool, getting started with crypto currency, Entrepreneurship 

  • medical healing through hair analysis and plant medicine

  • prayer, songs, vows, voluntary village planning

  • 5G Education to local council members and family

One-Time Donation

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