Every human being is born free.


Every human being owns him/herself. As owner of one’s body and property, every human being is 100% responsible for the actions, consequences, and the results of the use of their body and property, whether positive or negative. 


Every human is entitled to participate in Voluntary relationships as this is the only moral way to interact with other human beings. Coercive relationships are immoral and human beings are justified in defending oneself against such interactions. 


Every human being is not contractual obligated to anything s/he didn’t personally consent to. Property that is justly acquired, which excludes the use of theft, fraud, or coercion, belongs to each respective human being.


It is immoral for a human being to initiate physical violence or verbal threats of violence against another.  Every human who is the victim of such violence is justified in defending oneself in a way that s/he determines to be reasonable.

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We Are Born Free


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